When Backpacking around the world, one of the key things to consider is a good nights sleep. Surely when we spend our time trawling through the web looking at different search engines, booking agents, looking through  hundreds of photos of our potential Hotel, Guest house or Motel, do we actually consider the bed we are going to be sleeping on. Where is the mattress from, Is it good for my back after a hard day of walking and carrying that heavy Backpack.

A Hotel that has taken advance of this in Kuala Lumpur is Apple Hotel. All the beds in this Hotel come from Dreamland which in Malaysia is considered a SuperBrand. Dreamland are a pioneer in spring mattress technology. With more than 20 years of experience in the mattress industry, Dreamland assures you of comfort, and a good nights sleep. Generally speaking only 5 star Hotels offer this kind of comfort. However the Team at Apple Hotel have managed to the take that into account and offer the 5 star comfort for a very low price.

In my view at sleeping at the Apple Hotel, I have to say this mattress is everything they say it is. Once again Apple Hotel in Kuala Lumpur has gone beyond,  thinking of the comfort of the guest in a way only they can. The comfort of the guest has to be paramount and it is a great pity that so many Hotels in Kuala Lumpur have not considered the simple basics for the Guests.

A great day starts with a good nights sleep and at the Apple Hotel in Bukit Bintang, This is something that is pretty much a smooth transition once your head hits the pilliows. Apple Hotel has decided to look into the market to breach a gap left between Guest House & Budget Accommodation. By offering us guests a amazing bed and simple no frill comforts, I feel Apple Hotel is really starting to do wonders for us simple wondering Backpackers. The simple fact is that Apple Hotel is not a Guest House or a Budget Hotel however standing alone in a market where comfort and price together have been well thought out to offer some reasonable prices that makes paying that little bit more well worth it.

In travelling I feel after a hard day of drinking or walking, hiking or simply eating the great food around Kuala Lumpur, we so often over look the comfort of a great nights sleep. So is it worth that RM10 more , I would say it is.