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When looking for accommodation, we generally speaking go through the booking engines or Google it ourselves. Do we really take in the recommendations from our friends or the likes or comments we see on all those booking sites. General rule of thumb is we look for decent prices and once we find that price, we tend to be sold buy the pictures.

Many of us can easily say that the pictures we see have more often been false than true. One case and point will be the Apple Inn in Kuala Lumpur not to be mistaken for the Apple Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. Many other guest house’s around KL will offer great value and photos will also turn out to be not even close to what we are expecting.

Security is also another thing that needs to be taken into consideration however thou most offer this , few live up to the expectation. Recently i saw six girls check into another Hotel from Kuala Lumpur Guest House because of Security Issues with the front desk. Unless staying at a four or five star hotel, most of the hotels in Kuala Lumpur have very relaxed security. Most of the time the staff will speak little or new English or sometimes a little too forthcoming for some girls as one such told me of a little Guest House called Check Mate where the night desk clerk was constantly inviting girls out making them feel a tab uncomfortable. These are just some f the hassles we have to go through when travelling.

It is not enough that normally we are tired and hungry from a hard day of travelling that we come to find a dirty , flea invested bed or room that hasn’t been cleaned properly. Some that stand out in this for there Cleanness are Reggae Guest House in China Town and also Apple Hotel in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.

The security in both places are 24 hours and need of access cards to get through the front door. A second barrier at the Apple Hotel also stands when coming through. The night staff are always available to keep any unwanted ruffians away since you are in the busy Jalan Alor area. The rooms provide the stable of clean sheets and the beds are made from the super brand Dreamlands which all leads to a good nights sleep.

So when really looking for a good nights sleep in Kuala Lumpur, take a few of these things into Consideration and don’t be always sold by the touched up photos as they are not always what we are looking for.

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Recently I became aware of two different types of apples. Yous say apples, what’s new about that. They are many types of apples in this world however what I am referring to is two types of Hotels. Both seem to be vying for the Budget Hotel market in Kuala Lumpur however as it comes to standards, well one is in a class of it’s on and the other has a more rotten feel.

I will start with my visit of the Apple Inn in Jalan Pudu. I first went through Google and read the review sbefore booking in just to give myself an idea. seems to have some reviews and none were very friendly, so I went in to find out for myself.  First of all the green used here didn’t quite seem to catch the fresh mood the owner was after. The only review on the site was from Sabah and it didn’t say much, the ones on are a bit more accurate. The website claims Clean, well thats a big no, it is not clean. Spacious, well not really that either and comfort. I found the security not safe for me and I’m a decently sized x rugby player. So the comfort side wasn’t that either. Location wise, it is very convenient. The check in process was very easy and upon entering my Room, i found the photos were very much not even close to what the rooms actual look like. The room looked like it didn’t get a daily clean. This to me is a very rotten apple. Next on my stay was Apple Hotel in Jalan Alor. Once again i went through the review process before checking into the hotel. The website states that the hotel caters for budget travel and the rooms are little bit small. This was very true however for the price, i felt it was a good bargain. The first thing you notice is that this hotel in Kuala Lumper is very clean. The decor matches the brand very nicely and the green has hit the mark providing some freshness. I can easily see why the reviews were so good when entering the rooms. It seemed everything was very new however being a new hotel, i would expect it to be so. Every room comes with bathroom and seems the owners had really given this Hotel some thought. Once again the convenient location makes this place perfect for a visiting guest.

So between the two apples. I would suggest the price point difference is very similar and Apple Hotel in Jalan Alor is by far the better choice. As we all know the no one likes to eat a rotten apple and if that is not your choice of food than i would suggest staying away from the Apple Inn.

Recently a friend a meet told me to stay away from the Apple Hotel, what he actually meant was the Apple Inn. Lets all not make that mistake as the Apple Hotel in Jalan Alor is perfect for any visitor.

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